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Environmental Baseline Surveys

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NAS Land Use Zones

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Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) Database

This EBS database contains summary information collected by the Navy during the ongoing fence-line to fence-line environmental assessment of Alameda Point. The property at Alameda Point has been categorized into 23 zones consisting of 214 separate parcels.

Summaries of EBS information can be reviewed by clicking on an area of the map above or the table below.

1 Western Landfill Zone 13 Central Light Industrial Zone
2 Northwestern Ordnance Storage Zone 14 Central Warehouse Zone
3 Northwestern Construction and Maintenance Zone 15 Bachelor Officers' Quarters Zone
4 Runway Zone 16 Housing Zone
5 Wetland/Protected Area Zone 17 Engine Testing & Hazardous Materials Storage Zone
6 Western Hangar Zone 18 Dock Zone
7 Corrosion Control and Aircraft Testing Zone 19 Dock Services Support Zone
8 North Central Recreation Zone 20 Service Station Zone
9 Enlisted Barracks Zone 21 Naval Exchange Commercial Zone
10 Building 5 Heavy Industrial Zone 22 Southeastern Refinery and Heavy Industrial Zone
11 Southern Hangar Zone 23 Southeastern Recreational Zone
12 Medical and Commercial Zone XX Alameda Annex (investigated by FISC Oakland)

Parcel P1-20 | Parcel P21-40 | Parcel P41-60 | Parcel P61-80 | Parcel P81-90 | Parcel P101-20
Parcel P121-40 | Parcel P141-60 | Parcel P161-80 | Parcel P181-200 | Parcel P201-14 |

EBS Process

Tiered Human Health Risk Screening Program

Human Health Risk Estimates

Cancer Risk Additional Cancer Case in Exposed Population Cal-EPA and US EPA Requirements
less than 10-6 No action required.
10-6 1 in 1,000,000 Deed restrictions required.
10-5 10 in 1,000,000 Proposition 65 notifications required.
greater than 10-4 100 in 1,000,000 Spill cleanup required.
Non-Cancer Hazard Index
less than 1.0 No action required.
greater than 1.0 Spill cleanup required.

Assignment of BRAC Category

BRAC7 Additional evaluation required. No Transfer
BRAC6 Cleanup of hazardous material spill required to reduce cancer risk below 10-4 or Hazard Index below 1.0. No Transfer
BRAC5 BRAC6 Site is reclassified when cleanup plan has been successfully initiated. Dirty Transfer
BRAC4 BRAC5 Site is reclassified to BRAC4 when the cleanup plan has been completed. Transfer Okay
BRAC3 Evidence of a hazardous material spill. Below tiered screening levels of Cancer Risk = 10-4 and Hazard Index = 1.0. Transfer Okay
BRAC2 Evidence of a petroleum spill only. Below tiered screening levels of Cancer Risk = 10-4 and Hazard Index = 1.0. Transfer Okay
BRAC1 No evidence of a hazardous material spill. Transfer Okay
CERFA No records of hazardous material storage or activity. Transfer Okay

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