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Superfund Technical Assistance Grants (TAG)

In 1997, the Fort Ord Toxic Project received a $50,000 Superfund Technical Assistance Grant from the US EPA. The grant enabled the Toxics Project to hire outside technical experts to review environmental cleanup documents prepared by the US Army.

The Toxics Project hired a team of consultants which included Clearwater Revival Company. Clearwater Revival completed a number of tasks for the Toxics Project, providing critique on:

  • RCRA Closure Plan for a container storage facility.
  • RCRA Closure Plan for a explosives detonation facility.
  • Final Design for the landfill operable unit cap.
  • Removal Action Workplans for a former sludge drying pond.
  • Sampling Plans used for confirming cleanup following removal actions.

Clearwater Revival Company continues to work with the Toxics Project to complete a comprehensive Citizen's Guide to the Fort Ord Superfund Site. The Citizen's Guide will be available at soon. In the meantime look for Clearwater Revival Company's critiques of Fort Ord environmental documents at the Toxic Project's web site.

The US EPA makes Superfund Technical Assistance Grants available to non-profit corporations in community's located near National Priority List Sites. Superfund TAG grants are limited to $50,000 over a two year period. Only one grant is available at each Superfund site. These grants are awarded based on "cooperative" rather than "competitive" applications. If you live in a community affected by a Superfund site contact Clearwater Revival Company for more information on how to complete a successful TAG Grant application.

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