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In 1996, Clearwater Revival Company began working with the Chester Street Block Club to address one of the worst neighborhood pollution problems in the United States. The Chester Street Block Club Association has filed a Title VI complaint against the California Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Transportation accusing these agencies of misusing federal funds. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits the use of federal funds for projects which have a disciminatory or disparate impact on a low-income community or a community of color.

Clearwater Revival Company prepared technical comments on Removal Actions for a project that involved the construction of a freeway and adjacent public park. The pollution was piece-mealed. Six Removal Action Workplans and an emergency Superfund Removal Action were prepared for the former site of an OxyChem Agricultural Chemical manufacturing plant, a Union Pacific Railyard, and a former US Army solvent supplier. Clearwater Revival Company continues to monitor Federal actions and State inactions on behalf of the Chester Street Block Club.

How can the Chester Street Block Club Association afford an environmental consultant for a three year project? Clearwater Revival Company is able to leverage resource to provide Environmental Justice communities with assistance on environmental cleanup projects. If you live in an environmental justice community contact Clearwater Revival Company for more information.

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