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Brownfields Reuse Military Pollution Cleanup Technologies
About Clearwater Revival: Resume of Patrick Lynch: Project Experience:
Remedial Design Engineering:

Conducted feasibility studies of technologies for remediation of contaminated media at Superfund and LUST sites. Prepared, evaluated and performed treatability testing of remedial technologies. Prepared detailed design plans, equipment specifications, and construction drawings for remedial actions.

Performed a regulatory adequacy analysis of treatability test plans to support of a RCRA part B Permit and delisting petition schedule for a mixed waste treatment plant at the Hanford site. The regulatory adequacy analysis ensured treatability test data was adequate for design and permitting purposes. The treatability test plans evaluated pH adjustment, filtration, reverse osmosis, UV-oxidation, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange and evaporation/crystallization.

Prepared the operating plan and preliminary design of a stormwater and leachate collection and treatment system in support of a RCRA Part B Permit application at the Casmalia Resources TSD facility. The treatment system consisted of multiple unit operations including precipitation, filtration, reverse osmosis, air stripping, and activated carbon adsorption.

Prepared Corrective Action Plans for LUST sites including evaluation of soil and groundwater remediation options. Obtained permits for discharge of treated groundwater, discharge of air contaminants, and permits for construction. Installed, operated, optimized and maintained treatment systems.

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