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Brownfields Reuse Military Pollution Cleanup Technologies
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Community Assistance Projects

Identified deficiencies in the design documents for the landfill closure at the Fort Ord Superfund site. Evaluated RCRA closure plans for compliance with closure standards. Evaluated confirmation sampling plan for contaminated soil excavations.

Monitored Alameda Point Naval Air Station cleanup contractors for compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations. Prepared interactive mapping project to relay information to the public on contamination at the 1,700 acre station.

Prepared evaluation of 1,076 spills reported in Oakland, California over a ten year period. This included a statistical evaluation of the spill locations, spill causes and spilled substances. Prepared a GIS map of 1,200 hazardous material sites in West Oakland to identify land use compatibility problems.

Analyzed technologies for the demilitarization of chemical weapons. Review permit applications for treatment and ultimate disposal of chemical weapons under the non-stockpile program.

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